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Vue Tip: Use Fallthrough Attributes

Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)
Jun 15, 2022
1 min read
Use Fallthrough Attributes Image

A "fallthrough attribute" is an attribute or v-on event listener that is passed to a component, but is not explicitly declared in the receiving component's props or emits. Common examples of this include class, style, and id attributes.

For example, given a <MyButton> component with the following template:

<template>  <button>Click Me!</button></template>

And a parent using this component with:

<template>  <MyButton class="large" /></template>

The final rendered DOM would be:

<button class="large">Click me!</button>

If the child component's root element already has existing class or style attributes, it will be merged with the class and style values that are inherited from the parent:

<template>  <button class="btn">Click Me!</button></template>

Then the final rendered DOM would now become:

<button class="btn large">Click me!</button>

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