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Vue Tip: Use VueUse to Unleash the Power of Utility Functions

Vue Tip: Use VueUse to Unleash the Power of Utility Functions Image

VueUse is a collection of utility functions based on Composition API. It provides a set of essential utilities for interacting with various browsers, sensors, animations, and state APIs, and more:

  • State
  • Elements
  • Browser
  • Sensors
  • Network
  • Animation
  • Component
  • Watch
  • Reactivity
  • Array
  • Time
  • Utilities

Additionally, it provides Add-ons for Electron, Firebase, and more.


You can simply install it by running:

npm i @vueuse/core


From v4.0, it works for Vue 2 & 3 within a single package.

For more information, check the official documentation.


Let's take a look at how VueUse can help us in our daily work by using the useClipboard composable:

1<script setup>
2import { useClipboard } from '@vueuse/core'
4const source = ref('Something you need to copy')
5const { text, copy, copied, isSupported } = useClipboard({ source })

As you can see, it’s a great way to save time in development because you don’t have to add all of this standard functionality on your own.

You can use the VueUse playground to experiment with the library as much as you want.


I would strongly encourage you to use VueUse in your projects. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

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