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Vue Tip: Use Teleport to Render a Component in a Different Place

Vue Tip: Use Teleport to Render a Component in a Different Place Image

The built-in Vue 3 Teleport component allows us to render HTML outside the Vue.js application. This can be useful to position modals, toast notifications, overlays, and more.

Sometimes, a component's template belongs logically to the component itself. At the same time, from a technical point of view, moving this part of the template elsewhere in the DOM, outside of the Vue app, would be preferable.

A full-screen modal is a common scenario where you'd want to handle the modal's logic inside the component, but it should be positioned at a completely different place.

Teleport provides a clean way to allow us to control under which parent in the DOM we want a piece of HTML to be rendered, without having to resort to a global state or splitting this into two components:

2  <teleport to="body"> This will be appended to the body tag </teleport>

The to attribute should be a valid CSS selector outside the Vue application.

Read more about Teleport in the official documentation.

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