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Nuxt Tip: Lazy Load Components in Nuxt 3

Nuxt Tip: Lazy Load Components in Nuxt 3 Image

You can easily dynamically import (also known as lazy-loading) a component in Nuxt 3 by adding the Lazy prefix to the component name:

2  <div>
3    <LazyHelloWorld />
4  </div>

Lazy loading can help to improve your JavaScript bundle size and thus your application's performance by only loading components when they are needed.

1<script setup lang="ts">
2const show = ref(false)
6  <div>
7    <LazyHelloWorld v-if="show" />
8    <button v-if="!show" @click="show = true">Click to lazy load HelloWorld component</button>
9  </div>

You can use the Network tab in your browser's developer tools to verify that HelloWorld is only loaded after the button has been clicked:

Lazy Load Component

Try it yourself in this interactive StackBlitz project:

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