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Vue Tip: Automatically Import Components

Vue Tip: Automatically Import Components Image

This topic is controversial, but I love it if components are automatically imported. You just have to reference them in your template and they are available. No need to import them manually. This feature is heavily used in Nuxt 3.

I will show you how to implement this feature in Vue 3 using unplugin-vue-components.

Installation & Usage

First, install the plugin:

npm i unplugin-vue-components -D

Next, add it to your vite.config.ts:

1import Components from 'unplugin-vue-components/vite'
3export default defineConfig({
4  plugins: [
5    Components({ /* options */ }),
6  ],


The GitHub README contains installation guides for other bundlers such as Rollup or Webpack.

And that's it. Now, you can reference components in your template without importing them manually:

1<script setup lang="ts">
2import HelloWorld from './src/components/HelloWorld.vue' // [!code --]
4// other script logic...
8  <div>
9    <HelloWorld msg="Hello Vue 3.0 + Vite" />
10  </div>


Try it yourself in the following StackBlitz project:

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