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Christine Hohn
Christine Hohn, Head of Health Division Systems (Health Insurance)Gothaer Systems GmbH

Michael worked for us as frontend as well as backend developer. He enriched the project with his in-depth technical expertise. Further, we very much appreciated his team player skills.
Denise Tobian
Denise Tobian, Product OwnerProSiebenSat1 Tech Solutions GmbH

Michael made an important contribution to the progress of the product and, as a team member, enriched the teamwork. He created a large part of the basis that our users can now enjoy working with the app.
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller, Head of Department Audi mobilityjambit GmbH

Michael worked as a permanent employee in our company and has always done an absolutely excellent job. I can only recommend him!


Sébastien Chopin (Author of Nuxt.js)@Atinux
Keep up the great work and content 💚
Abdulrasaq Mustapha@geekmaros
Let’s do this for Michael, he has benefited the tech and Vue community immensely both in tweets and newsletters 💪 🚀
(...) Keep up the good work. Your writing style and quest for perfection makes these articles more useful.
Kareem Dabbeetkareem-dabbeet
(...) Thank you for sharing valuable tips and information about Vue.
Husam Nasrallahhusamnasrallah
You're doing great! Keep it up 💪, you're doing a fantastic job! Keep shining! 🌟
Khaled Oghlikhaledoghli
You have great Vue tips, thanks for sharing Michael.
Dobromir Kovachev
First, thank you for the good content you provided on your personal website. {...} Thank's again for the good content, it's always good to see a person with attention to detail.
Beautiful and professional website. Given me tips on a lot of things I needed answers on.
Elisha Benjaminelisha-benjamin
Thanks for always sharing your knowledge Michael Hoffmann. You made my VueJS journey easy.
Gitam Gadtaula@gitamgadtaula
Love it. Please keep bringing these contents, you are awesome.
Roman J.
Hi Michael, this is just a celebratory email, your blog is great, I like the articles on Vue.js that I am currently involved in (2 years of experience). Thanks for the great work and articles :-)