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Learn how I helped my clients in previous projects and what I worked on in my spare time.

Michael Hoffmann - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)

Business Projects

I am proud to have worked with:

The following abstract of my business project will give you an idea how I helped my clients in previous projects:

Development of a TAA (Tarif-Angebot-Antrag) application

Customer:Gothaer Systems GmbH
Key Contributions:
  • Development of a TAA (Tarif-Angebot-Antrag) application based on Vue 3 & Vuex
  • Frontend team lead developer
  • Introduced frontend unit tests based on Jest (later with Vitest)
  • Migrated frontend from Vue CLI to Vite
Tech Stack:
Vue 3, Vuex, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vite, Vitest, Jest, Selenium, Spring Boot

Development of a video segmentation tool

Customer:ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions GmbH
Key Contributions:
  • Planned & executed the extraction of this segmentation tool from a monolithic application
  • Setup, developed and maintained multiple Spring Boot microservices
  • Designed & implemented a Websocket-based dashboard based on Spring Boot and Vue.js
Tech Stack:
Vue 2, TypeScript, Jest, lit-element, Web Audio API, Spring Boot 2, Django, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus

Development of a car tariff calculator

Customer:VHV Versicherung
Key Contributions:
  • Wrote React wrapper components to integrate the Stencil web components into the Guidewire project
  • Developed & maintained components in Stencil web component library
  • Migrated separated Stencil & Storybook repositories to a monorepo
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Web Components, Stencil, Guidewire, Cucumber, Storybook

Get in touch if you want to have a detailed list of projects I have worked on in my professional career.

My Private Projects

CodeSnapCreate, manage and share beautiful images of your code snippets.
Weekly Vue NewsGet high-quality tips and curated content about Vue & Nuxt.
Weekly Vue News
Standup PickerA desktop application which can be used in Scrum teams to initiate the daily Scrum meeting.
Standup Picker
Supermarket ChallengeSupermarket Challenge is an iOS & Android smartphone game which delivers an addictive gameplay experience.
Supermarket Challenge
RebelGamer Mobile AppiOS & Android app for the gaming blog
RebelGamer Mobile App
Parents SoundboardA soundboard developed for parents to be able to play often needed phrases like "No".
Parents Soundboard
GitHub Traffic ViewerA website which shows a list of traffic graphs of your own GitHub repositories.
GitHub Traffic Viewer
Privatimkerei Hoffmann WebsiteWebsite for our family-run honey farm.
Privatimkerei Hoffmann Website
Gatsby Source Plugin For Imgur AlbumsA Gatsby source plugin which adds Imgur albums.
Gatsby Source Plugin For Imgur Albums
Void Fest 2018 Band ReminderWeb application which can be used to subscribe for push notifications which will inform 30 minutes before a band will play on the music festival Void Fest 2018.
Void Fest 2018 Band Reminder