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Work with me

Work with me

Work with me

Tech Stack

If I had to choose my dream tech stack, I'd pick the following:


5+ years experience
3+ years experience
1+ year experience
Basic knowledge

Base requirements

  • Fully remote or remote-first (I’m based in Germany, UTC +2 / CEST)
  • Full-time (40hrs/week)
  • Working on a software product (no project-based work)

What I Don't Do

Usually, I do not develop simple websites, but I am more interested in complex web applications or mobile apps.

I can provide simple logos or help you pick typography or colors. If you need further help with your brand, I am happy to connect you with a trusted graphic and brand designer.

What is important to me in my next job

I care about people

  • I want to work in a fixed team for longer to build connections, find good ways to communicate and work together and build empathy for each other. In my experience, this makes team members productive–and happy.
  • I want to work in a place that consciously gives explicit room to enable people to build this kind of connection and values the time spent on team building and improvement.
  • I prefer working in a cross-functional team. Collaborating with everybody and every role in my team is crucial to me.

I care about code and quality

  • I specialize in building complex applications based on Vue.js & Nuxt.js.
  • I always develop them with your end-user in mind, as this will help you meet your business goals.
  • I am interested in doing development work in backend & frontend applications.
  • I am reliable and honest with my customers and clients.
  • I produce high-quality, clean, well-documented, and easily maintainable code while respecting deadlines and budgets.
  • I use high code quality standards and static code analyzers.
  • I like to write tests, whether unit, integration, or end-to-end (E2E).
  • I like strict typing in JavaScript, especially using TypeScript.
  • I use modern CSS using Grid, Flexbox, and Animations.
  • I value accessible, valid, and semantic HTML.
  • I create beautifully responsive products that work across various devices and browsers.

I care about the product

  • I want to be part of the discussions on bringing value to our customers and how to iterate over features.
  • I wish for a trustful, respectful relationship with Product Management, where every side respects the expertise of the other, and we communicate about needs–for the product, the code, and also for us as humans in our roles.
  • It is great fun to learn about new industries, especially if the product has a positive impact.

I care about company culture

  • I want to work in an open culture where frequent feedback is appreciated, safe and honest.
  • A company’s values and culture should be actively lived daily–especially during stressful times and when hard decisions have to be made.
  • Transparency is essential. It should never end when the shared information feels uncomfortable or is terrible news.
  • Management actively and visibly drive work on diversity and inclusion forward.