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27 Helpful Tips for Vue Developers

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  • Tip 1: Prefer Slots Over Props
  • Tip 2: Reactive Values in CSS
  • Tip 3: Detailed Prop Definitions
  • Tip 4: Props and Context in Setup Method
  • Tip 5: Avoid Empty Class Attributes
  • Tip 6: Destructure in v-for
  • Tip 7: Avoid Unwanted Re-Renders of an Element Using v-once
  • Tip 8: Use Multiple v-model Bindings
  • Tip 9: Trigger Watcher Immediately
  • Tip 10: Simple Expressions in Templates
  • Tip 11: Assign Handler for Uncaught Errors
  • Tip 12: Use Teleport to Render a Component in a Different Place
  • Tip 13: Automatic Global Registration of Base Components
  • Tip 14: Display Raw HTML
  • Tip 15: Scroll to Top When Navigating to a New Route
  • Tip 16: Speed Up Initial Load Using Async Components
  • Tip 17: Use Two Script Blocks
  • Tip 18: Use Optional Chaining in Templates
  • Tip 19: Special CSS Selectors
  • Tip 20: Use Vuex in Vue Router Navigation Guards
  • Tip 21: Watch Nested Values
  • Tip 22: Use v-bind to Pass Multiple Props to Components
  • Tip 23: Animate Child Component Before Route Leave
  • Tip 24: Measure Performance
  • Tip 25: Check Version at Runtime
  • Tip 26: Query Inner Elements in Third-Party Components
  • Tip 27: Create Custom v-model Modifier


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