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Meet Michael

Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)

My name is Michael Hoffmann. I'm a freelance software engineer based in Munich/Germany. I hold a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the renowned Technical University of Munich (TUM) and have 7+ years of professional experience.

I work for businesses of all sizes and have experience with small and medium enterprises and corporates. In my career, I have developed, maintained, and launched multiple projects from scratch or improved an existing code base. Get in touch if you want a detailed list of my finished projects..

Programming is my passion, especially developing complex business applications both in the frontend and backend. I enjoy working as a freelance developer and developing private projects under the pseudonym Mokkapps. I write blog posts (also for inDepthDev) and do talks because I like to share my knowledge with others. Therefore, I also try to share most of my projects on GitHub.

Visit if you are interested in the software and hardware I use for software development.

If I do not invest my time in coding, I'm usually playing video games or doing sports.

Visit Uses if you are interested in the software and hardware I use for software development.


"Michael made an important contribution to the progress of the product and, as a team member, enriched the teamwork. He created a large part of the basis that our users can now enjoy working with the app."

D.T., Product OwnerProSiebenSat1 Tech Solutions GmbH

"Michael worked as a permanent employee in our company and has always done an absolutely excellent job. I can only recommend him!"

T.M., Head of Department Audi mobilityjambit GmbH


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How I work

Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)
  • I specialize in building applications written in Vue.js. I always develop them with your end-user in mind as this will also help you to meet your business goals
  • I am interested in doing development work in backend & frontend applications.
  • I am reliable and honest with my customers and clients.
  • I produce high-quality, clean, well-documented, and easily maintainable code while respecting deadlines and budgets.
  • I use high code quality standards and static code analyzer.
  • I like to write tests, whether unit, integration, or end-to-end (E2E).
  • I like strict typing in JavaScript, especially using TypeScript.
  • I use modern CSS using Grid, Flexbox, and Animations.
  • I value accessible, valid, and semantic HTML.
  • I create beautifully responsive products that work across various devices and browsers.

Who I Work With

I enjoy working in a close relationship with international teams on-site or remote. It is great fun for me to learn about new industries, especially if the product has a positive impact.

What I Don't Do

Usually, I do not develop simple websites but am more interested in complex web applications or mobile apps.

I can provide simple logos or help you pick typography or colors. If you need further help with your brand, I am happy to connect you with a trusted graphic and brand designer.