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Meet Michael

Michael Hoffmann - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)

My name is Michael Hoffmann. I'm a freelance software engineer based in Munich/Germany. I hold a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the renowned Technical University of Munich (TUM) and have 8+ years of professional experience.

I work for businesses of all sizes and have experience with small and medium enterprises and corporates. In my career, I have developed, maintained, and launched multiple projects from scratch or improved an existing code base. Get in touch if you want a detailed list of my finished projects..

Programming is my passion, especially developing complex business applications both in the frontend and backend. I enjoy working as a freelance developer and developing private projects. I write blog posts (also for inDepthDev) and do talks because I like to share my knowledge with others. Therefore, I also try to share most of my projects on GitHub.

If I do not invest my time in coding, I'm usually playing video games or doing sports.

Visit Uses if you are interested in the software and hardware I use for software development.

Get in touch, if you would like me to work for you.


Christine Hohn
Christine Hohn, Head of Health Division Systems (Health Insurance)Gothaer Systems GmbH

Michael worked for us as frontend as well as backend developer. He enriched the project with his in-depth technical expertise. Further, we very much appreciated his team player skills.