3 days ago
#supermarketchallenge beta v2.0 is nearly done
1 week ago
I am taking the “ES6 for Everyone” and “Learn Node” courses from @wesbos which I can highly recommend 👍
3 weeks ago
I am pretty sure that version 2 of #supermarketchallenge will be released before end of this year 🎆🎊🎇🎉 Stay tuned and be prepared for the level mode 😁 https://t.co/SmLc6jq6xk
4 weeks ago
🔥 Using #RxJS marble tests is amazing 🔥 Never wrote observable tests in such a readable manner with few lines of code

Read more at https://t.co/JxBZ9x0NVT
4 weeks ago
Today I deployed my first contract on a private @ethereumproject network. I am very excited to create my first custom token and further experiment with smart contracts 🔥💩