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Vue Tip: Special CSS Selectors

Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) - Senior Frontend Developer (Freelancer)
Michael Hoffmann
Feb 25, 2022
1 min read
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Deep Selectors

The :deep() CSS pseudo-class can be used if you want styles to apply to some "deeply" nested child components:

<style scoped>.a :deep(.b) {  /* ... */}</style>

Vue will compile this code into:

.a[data-v-f3f3eg9] .b {  /* ... */}

DOM content created with v-html is not affected by scoped styles, but you can still style them using deep selectors.

Slotted Selectors

By default, scoped styles do not affect contents rendered by <slot/> but we can use the :slotted pseudo-selector to apply styles to slot content:

<style scoped>:slotted(div) {  color: red;}</style>

Global Selectors

The :global pseudo-class can be used to globally apply a rule, even within the <style scoped> block:

<style scoped>:global(.red) {  color: red;}</style>

To be more specific, I recommend adding a second <style> block if you need to apply multiple global styles:

<style scoped>:global(.red) {  color: red;}</style><style>body {  margin: 0;  padding: 0;}</style>

Official documentation

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